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Kuala Lumpur, 21 May

Achieving success as a team in the corporate world. How small elite management teams can drive corporations forward.

N.Y, 16 June

Break the mold - how to become a succesful celebrity.

Stockholm, 21 September

How to build an international brand from strach in less than 12 months.


  • 1997

    Brand building in the Internet Age

  • 2001

    Live your Life : Live your dream.

  • 2013

    How to Become a Celebrity.


  • Charles Hopkins-Thyme INTERVIEWED BY Peter Anderson ON STV Radio (2011)

    General interview in connection with Charles' lecture in Stockholm.

    Charles' article on self motivation published in ETH.

    Charles' article on self motivation in based on his research for his Paris lecture in 2010.

    Charles to visit London in May 2013.

    Charles will be visiting London in May 2013, joining among other Michel Thomas at the OJJC-13 conference.

  • Charles' workshop in LA to be filmed by GrupoUnio.

    The LA workshop this year will be filmed as part of a larger DVD currently in production.